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Pedalling with Mum and Dad

Very popular with cyclists, the bike route crosses both the Fassa Valley and the Fiemme Valley for a total of 50 km. From Pozza di Fassa you can choose either to go towards Canazei or to descend to the Fiemme Valley. The only precaution we advise is that you do not exceed the speed limit since it is frequented by pedestrians, children and pushchairs. If you're tired and can't face the return journey, a Bike Express service will take you back to your starting point.


The most extreme option for mountain biking enthusiasts, comparable to motocross in many ways, this sport involves descending from the peaks of the Dolomites at breakneck speed along steep, craggy tracks. The Buffaure at Pozza di Fassa offers a great track with jumps, sections on wooden boardwalks and parabolics on mixed terrain: grass, woodland, dirt and sometimes mud; it stretches for almost 3 km. It is possible to take the ski lift up.

Fassa Valley Bike

This 50 km-long difficult route plays host to a national mountain biking competition usually held in September. Departure and arrival in Moena. The first section begins with an uphill climb to Le Cune on the Lusia at an altitude of 2,210 metres, before briefly continuing at high altitude and then descending towards Moena. At Soraga a beautiful and challenging 6 km-climb will take you to Baita Pociacie at an altitude of 1,700 metres, before descending to Pozza di Fassa and right into the village. As you return to Moena, you will cross much of the inhabited area before arriving back at your starting point. We recommend less experienced riders divide the route up into shorter sections to be tackled on different days.

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